Banila Co / Holika Holika / Hyundai C Square Banila Co / Holika Holika / Hyundai C Square

Banila Co / Holika Holika / Hyundai C Square

Korean beauty (a.k.a K-beauty / Korean fashion, make-up, overall style) has accumulated a global fandom. However, for companies, simply putting ones K-beauty items on offer doesn’t always necessarily translate into direct sales figures. It requires a better understanding of cultural differences and regional needs to properly “get” the market. Every culture has its own respective ideal imagery of K-beauty. This understanding of multi-culturalism is E.STYLE’s strong point. We are familiar with multiple European markets and cultures to correctly interpret customers’ needs. Our current project as an ambassador of K-Beauty, which we are very proud of, is a display of our deeply rooted understanding. The plan was to launch multiple brands in different regions at the same time. We captured each brand’s appeal for various target groups – meaning there was no repetitive pattern on display. Even without additional offline business support, we facilitated the localization for multiple brands’ social media channels in Germany and the Netherlands – thereby providing the stepping stones for a variety of K-beauty brands’ successful entrance into the European market.

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