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´BLEISURE´ is the combination of business travel and leisure travel in one trip. The number of business travelers wishing to extend the journey for leisure is growing year by year. Marketers use this trend for their events by presenting and promoting the venue, the host city or region, and the “Things to do outside of your event” to remind attendees why the event is worth the visit. This encourages more people to be part of your event because it´s not just about work. It is not a surprise. Our HQ office is located in Frankfurt. Currently, IAA (international motor show) is ongoing. The area is just packed with people in every way – public transportation, restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, and landmark spot.



It can be a key part of your marketing strategy and need to see more steps ahead. Creating “Things to Do” to insert your event guide info that recommends specific suggestions of F&B, attractions in the city, and more. And the other activities around your even that happen in a similar period, such as professional sports games, festivals, concerts, holiday celebrations, etc. The biggest advantage of the Bleisure trend is to embrace the fact that attendees often look for more things over the event itself. It will not only induce more people to attend events, but it will make their time there more meaningful. It blends into their lifestyle. And organizers can be creative to make a series of secondary activities out of the venue. That would be a breakthrough new business possibility and spice up for events.



Our event guests are not going to automatically plan a vacation around just any business trip or conference. The location must be charm enough to appeal to your guest can be craving. We should keep an eye on the top vacation destinations or most popular cities to read the preference. And also we need to develop it and adapt the idea to your event.
All the event contents, moderators, business networking opportunities and exhibitors are all great things to promote, but we need to include the venue and host city or region. On the event planning step, we have enough reasons to persuade our client to select this location or already given. And when you set the destination, we can take advantage of it conversely to impress guests. For example, history, geography, landmarks, culinary scene, etc. With that information to create blog posts, event marketing emails, social media photos, graphics, videos and more to remind attendees why your event and its location are worth visiting.

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