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Cooperating with globally operating clients and developing high-quality events all over the world means for us to face the complexity of the international arena day by day. In E.STYLE cultural diversity is not only a theoretical concept, but the central idea of the company. A challenge we meet head on.

E.STYLE is not only a company working with international clients, but a multicultural meeting point itself. We are a team of 50 people from 8 different nations: Germany, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Italy, India, Russia and China. We speak 12 different languages, have 5 offices in 4 countries and organize events in more than 50 cities worldwide.
In other words: E.STYLE is an international network of young professionals who are encouraged to fulfill the needs of the international clients every day.

diversity of ESTYLE

The global understanding we get from this heterogeneous workforce is vital. As a company located in Germany, organizing a large-scale event in France for Korean clients for example does require people who have knowledge of the international context and the diverse cultural values engaging together. Seeing culture as an iceberg where the smaller part is the visible top symbolizing behaviour, and the larger part the invisible lower part symbolizing thinking, values, emotions and beliefs, the complexity of intercultural communication becomes clear.
Our multinational environment helps us to better understand the different way of thinking and sensitise us to other beliefs and values. In this way, understanding our clients get easier and the probability that the outcome of the event meets with their wishes is higher.
To sum up, for E.STYLE cultural diversity also means that we have cultural and country-specific skills, an understanding of our diverse groups of customers and partners.
In E.STYLE we seek to use the opportunity and see cultural diversity as a resource. The showing of respect for the different cultures makes every team member feel welcome, appreciated and accepted. This feeling leads to recognition with the company and encourages everyone to contribute their talents and skills and can develop to their full potential.
Different cultural backgrounds mean different point of views and ideas. A heterogeneous team can achieve special synergies that homogeneous teams can never achieve: creativity, motivation, innovative thinking, adaptability and competitiveness. Instead of being pushed into a uniformed pattern, in E.STYLE diversity is encouraged. We make use of the positive synergies that evolve from our multicultural workplace and concentrate them to provide a full service focused on our clients’ various needs.
Cultural diversity in E.STYLE: the client’s success is our success.


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