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Training and development is one of the main strengths and a key identification of E.STYLE. After successful workshop session held in 2014 E.STYLE wanted to continue with different topics, market trends, advanced courses in 2015.

Our high quality work is based on the performance of our team. To keep & increase this level steadily, to stay open minded for new Live Marketing Communication trends – we implemented a new concept of our inhouse training. This concept will use the creative energy and the professional skills of all E.STYLE specialists. The intention of the E.ACADEMY is to spread out the expert knowledge of each individual member to the team for building up long-lasting knowledge synergies throughout the whole project team.


As stable growing company we are welcoming newcomer in our project team time by time. Another important point of the E.ACADEMY besides the ongoing knowledge transfer is the existing knowledge database. This collection of know-how is a perfect starter package for our new colleagues to close up with our standard and of course enrich the database on the same time.

The intention of the E.ACADEMY is to spread out the knowledge of each individual expert for synergies throughout the whole project team.


The implementation in 2015: six weeks packed with training sessions about internal knowledge, documentation, partner handling, expert knowledge and personal skills training. Focused on intense and individual learning, the session style was held in small interactive groups.

The results

Time for develop new concepts & train new techniques, being up to date in the trends ongoing worldwide, strengthen the team spirit throughout the whole project team and gain fresh motivation for upcoming projects.

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