EVENT TECH.: Meet In Digital

EVENT TECH.: Meet In Digital

Claudia Sung

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Use apps to coordinate events, delegate lists, and bookings, use phones as keys to get into the rooms and use interactive boards for check-in and Wayfinding around the venue. Also participate in events in remote by using live streaming, social sharing and looping in guest speakers from abroad for real-time conversation with guests. Although many events still maintain their analog processes, which tend to end over the years, many event organizers have migrated their daily practices to digital. They automate tasks and can focus on creating strategies to provide a unique experience to the participants. Event management platforms are used to assist both organizers and attendees, promoting agility, comfort, engagement, security and data collection. This can lead us to another key trend in 2019, SUSTAINABILITY. The use of technology will allow more reduction of printed material. Many parts of branding will be produced in digital.

When it comes to event technology trends in events, new tech continues to surprise us. In just a decade we have seen a digital takeover in all aspects of the event planning, execution, and analysis procedure. Now we are seeing an even bigger shift – how we target our attendees, engage them with our information, and ensure we provided value to their experience.



Real-time response technology and live polling allow you to interact with your attendees in new ways, making both entertainment and education more meaningful and fun.



Smart chatbots can personalize messages and provide push notifications for a personalized attendee experience. A chatbot can make sure your attendees get all the information.



From event management software and marketing systems to email campaigns, registration systems, attendance tracking, and post-event surveys, each tool comes with its pile of data for you to sift through, analyze, and implement. The dashboard will consolidate relevant data and extracts actionable KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to inform your planning.



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