GAMIFICATION: Ready Player One

GAMIFICATION: Ready Player One

Claudia Sung

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The great nanny Mary Poppins taught Michael and Jane how to clean up their nursery room with finding a fundamental fun of it. Eventually, they found the fun with Joyful music and a magical finger snap. And the sibling wanted to continue to clean up the room. Their attitude was changed. Mary Poppins must know the magic of Gamification. What is gamification? It’s about using game techniques and fun elements in areas other than games to improve the user experience. Nowadays, it’s become a marketing tool that allows people to experience brands in a more entertaining and effective way. The basic strategy of gamification is ‘quest‘ and ‘reward’. By stimulating people’s desire to achieve, they are more likely to engage. It shows a lot of possibilities to integrate into an event. Not pushing guests but guests are willing to do and join your event. They don’t feel it as chores or work but it becomes FUN.

The elements of this technic we can consider are as below:


1. Points: It is a basic element to measure the player’s progress. It can be simply a single criterion or various categories.

2. Badges: it means a visible reward or achievement. And the beauty of it, you can make a collection to attract collector instinct.

3. Leaderboards: To share the player’s rank, it catalyzes the competition among players.

4. Performance graphs: Player can track own progress individually.

5. Meaningful stories: This should be the core message of brands to touch the personal interest.

6. Avatars: It gives more freedom for a player to control and customize as a representation of a player.

7. Teammates: It drives conflict, competition or cooperation – more interaction to carry this game.


Now, the quest is how to adapt to your event now.

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