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E.STYLE is officially launched new corporate identity with new business and marketing plan.

Since last 8 years, E.STYLE as an international live marketing communications agency has grown its business and created varied projects all over Europe. Now that our agency needs to get a big jump for the future, we’ve clarified all definitions for client, market and business, and finally, new CI has been created upon those strategies and experiences. As relationship has been a cornerstone of E.STYLE business from the beginning, ‘communication’ is the most crucial concept of our CI. Through all communication with partners, people and brands, E.STYLE bring the right message in the right moment with great experience and this philosophy has been conveyed in elements of visual identity.


Overall concept of Corporate Identity
E.STYLE is comprised of Multicultural people & mind, Professional working attitude, and Creative technic & design and these are all based on ample experience in various cultures, different circumstances all over the world.

For successful communication, we understand and respect different clients and culture in deadline.



We communicate, understand and make things the best in trust.

The logo is created with two rounded elements simplified  conversation bubble to show coexistence, interaction, and respect. Futuristic straight lines and a blue arrow represent accurate plan, and implementation, professional working attitude with creative thinking.

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