SOCIAL PRESSURE: Encourage The Positive Pressure

SOCIAL PRESSURE: Encourage The Positive Pressure

Claudia Sung

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Pushing or forcing someone sounds uncomfortable. But funnily, we trap ourselves with this uncomfortable action consciously or unconsciously. For example, we want to be a part of a group or organization or any society instinctively, just following our behavioural patterns. This explains SOCIAL PRESSURE or PEER PRESSURE which is directly influenced by peers.  We encourage each other to follow others by changing attitudes, values or behaviours to conform to those of the influencing group. Taking in even further it becomes accepted, trendy, or can even evolve into a certain subculture. This is a huge power to make you move. Sadly most of the time, it is used to judge or eliminate different views.

What if we could change the direction of this power?

#OTOM – an awesome hashtag created by one of our teams.  One Team One Mission. Even though tough projects and conditions, they achieved success under one clear mission. Each member tried to do their own best to meet the common goal. It motivated them and set a solid guideline. So they could enjoy their project – as one team. The many results of scientific studies are supporting this as well: it is a matter of direction how we guide people or what we talk about. It can cause to change their picture of reality, because “fitting in feels good”.  This is the blurry line between good and evil. And it is your choice how to use it.


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