Kia World Cup 2022 Sponsorship Program

Kia │ 2022 FIFA World Cup │ Doha, Qatar

Our Task

Overall Operation, Guest Management, Manpower, Tour, Logistic, Transportation, F&B, Accommodation, Staff Hiring & Training, Documentation and Branding


2022 FIFA World Cup 2022 Kia Official Match Ball Carrier
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Kia World Cup 2022
Official Match Ball Carrier

The Official Match Ball Carrier (OMBC) in the FIFA World Cup is a selected individual, often a young football enthusiast, who has the honor of carrying the official match ball onto the field just before the start of a World Cup match. It is a symbolic and prestigious role that adds excitement to the pre-match proceedings, providing sponsors like Kia with a unique opportunity for brand visibility and engagement with football fans globally.

Kia Official Match Ball Carrier

E.STYLE have been successfully operating the Kia OMBC (Official Match Ball Carrier) program since 2016. The project is dedicated to efficiently managing various aspects, including overall operations, guest services, manpower, tours, logistics, transportation, food and beverage, accommodation, staff hiring and training, documentation, and branding. With excellent execution capabilities, we plays a crucial role in providing a seamless and harmonious experience across all facets of the Kia OMBC project.